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Big deal

Another fascinating insight into the fast-moving world of epublishing. Nice to know that someone needs our books!

Top ten blogs ...

Starting with my personal fantasy favourite …

The Creature from the Blog Lagoon - sci-fi news and monster movie gossip

Blog Man! - the site behind the man intent on outing infamous archaeologists

Mabinblogion - e-myths for Welsh readers

Blog Star - Patrick Moore’s secret shame

Bloglodytes United - soccer gen for sunlight-shunning couch potatoes

Egg Blog - a collection of lacto-free concoctions for veggies not vegans

Blog Spawn - fun forum for frog fetishists and newt fanciers

Blogwarts - cosmetic tips for acne-suffering teen wizards

Blogpipes Wa’ Hae - a Scottish site for sore ayes

Haven’t the Bloggiest - Facebook.

E is for exploitation

I'm all for helping students battle with Ucas, but this ebook is simply exploitative. Called The Guardian Guide to University Clearing ebook, it preys on the hysterical A-level adolescent or their anxious parents. I shall not deem it with a link.


So many websites offer a comfortable virtual cardboard box for the homeless writer. It's hard to decide where to curl up. Authonomy is a caring sharing site. Have to say, I wasn't sure at first, but some lovely reviews were a warming boost. Check out a few chapters for freehere.
Reinventing is good. Various agents have suggested this and that. Orchid Wars? Perhaps not. The Lost Orchid? Has some mystique. After much internal wrangling (tautology check: is there any other sort?), the orchid thingy will be The Lost Orchid. Actually ... not a bad choice, given the latest Churchill painting for details of reference. Check the orchid blog. So, now activate redesign of cover and back to the original premise before old-school agents meddled ... and hey presto.


One tries to keep up, but every so often there's a story that's written in a different language:
The Numinous Place hits $75k target on Kickstarter as Russell Crowe chips inMark Staufer's ebook/app project will blend video, audio, images and text on iPhone, iPad, Android and other devicesCan anyone translate, please?

Go geeks go


Sci-Fi campaign bids to convert rare novels to ebooks ... a specialist New York bookshop is aiming rescue out-of-print books and provide them for free online ... acc to Grauniad. So, books and ebooks can coexist in the same universe?

Cover version

Well, I thought about hiring someone to design a cover, but ended up doing it myself. Herewith the new-look sepia-themed cover for Dark Interlude ... a tense post-World War One adventure with political undertones ...

Another quick edit and then it's off into the ether and beyond.

Reading record says UK Kindle users are buying four times as many books as they were before owning a Kindle in what it calls ‘a renaissance of reading’.Apparently, sales of Kindle ebooks are now outstripping those of printed books.How the publishing industry is changing. According to The Grauniad, unaudited figures from the start of 2012, show that for every 100 hardback and paperback book sold on its site, customers downloaded 114 ebooks.

Ebooks big in NY

If talking about bestseller lists give you stomach ache, here’s a bit of soothing seltzer.Four self-published authors will have a total of seven novels on the New York Times ebook bestseller list this weekend, according The Grauniad. My favourite man, founder of self-publishing powerhouse Smashwords Mark Coker, is predicting the number is only going to grow.The highest-ranking is Colleen Hoover with Slammed, in eighth place, ahead of ebooks by James Patterson and Karin Slaughter. I’ll type that again. James Patterson and Karin Slaughter. Then there’s RL Mathewson’s Playing for Keeps in 16th place. Lyla Sinclair’s Training Tessa is 17th and Bella Andre has three self-published romance novels in the chart. A case of multi-storeyed success?‘We knew this day was coming. Self-published ebook authors are landing on the New York Times bestseller list in a big way [and] lightning struck multiple times this week,’ says Mark. Go Mark. I love his enthusiasm.