Dark fonts of knowledge

Formatting. We need it, but I'd rather we didn't. It does comes in handy when submitting. Not to the Dark Lord, but just doing the manuscript thing as regards publishers (e-types or otherwise).

Formatting. It's deep and it's mystic. It's an Arthurian-style bane of life. I know this because I'm a Celt. With a C. My grandfather actually changed his surname from Celt to Kelt, thinking it might seem less scary. I like Kelt with a K. I also like Celt with a C. Either way it means: don't mess with me. We Kelts still think about hanging the heads of our beaten enemies over the porch just to upset the postman.

Formatting. The Microsoft version is simply diabolical, but at least one can subject it to one's will. To make it function, one needs to drink some dark mystic liquor and shift into Mordred mode. Only then is it at your command. And never check 'add to template' if you value your soul.


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