Progress, indeed

I'm still in shock. An ebook publisher has just sent a charming personal reply within hours of my submission - apologising for a six-week delay. Is that all? Six weeks? Pff. Six weeks is nothing. What alternative universe is this? Call me cynical, but it seemed as if certain old school publishers actually bragged about a long wait as if to justify their existence.

So, not only is six weeks relatively short in the scale of things, but I was actually encouraged to chase up the response. Quote: 'Feel free to check on progress. I won't be offended!' Gadzooks. Wouldn't happen in the old days. I've seen comments warning anxious writers not to get in touch, with veiled warnings that their precious manuscript might just be dumped in the slush pile unread.

I like this way of working. And I'm off to submit another mss to another publisher right away ...


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