When did I start this blog? The idea was to chart the agonies of epublishing. Appeal to wannabe writers in all of us. Agonise over the failures, the nearly made-its, the almosts, the coulda woulda shoulda. SIGH.

I'm rather stonkered to admit I've just e-signed the first contract. I'll let you know who when it's all done and dusted, virtually speaking.

A contract.

I type the words and feel skittish. Yup. A contract. Well, e-contract, but hey. I read my Kindle all the time, despite Flybe telling me I shouldn't. [I sense another post.]

Now, when I say sign, you just use a different font in the boxy thingy. Well, font fetishist that I am, that had me going for ages. Comic Sans? No, I think not. Bookman? Please. No pretensions allowed. Rob suggested Courier. Not bad.

So, guess the font I chose. All right, it was Times New Roman. I owe it to TNR. I've written EVERYTHING in TNR. Everything. It's elegant, clear, unambiguous. You know where you are with TNR. I love TNR.

Tonight I love everything. Well, maybe not the snotty rejection letters from the past, but they were just character-forming. Ha.


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