There’s nothing like being visible to focus one’s attention. I’ve had scores of warm welcome messages from fellow Muse authors on the writers’ forum – thank you, all – and finally got round to finishing off some of those fiddly blog pages that I’ve been putting off. Now I have a virtual catalogue of all my books, complete with blurbs, taglines, synopses, genres, cover mock-ups … I’m exhausted just thinking about how much effort I put into it all. Check it out under 'books'. What next? Machiavelli’s Acolyte beckons. Only problem is, when I left Viktor, my murderous anti-hero, he was stuck in a privy, eavesdropping. Serve him right, of course, but I need to plot-wrangle him out of there. I can feel a long dog walk coming on. Best way to solve it, I think.


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