And this makes FIVE!

Amazing news. Crooked Cat, a super new e-publisher, has signed up Tomorrow’s Anecdote, a dark 1980s newsroom mystery novel.

A novel! How about that!

It’s due out in May. I keep playing Tears for Fears ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ at top volume via Youtube. Eerily, I was watching Glee (soz), and there was Blaine singing what must the theme song for the book just 24 hours before I opened the magic email. It was a sign.

This now makes five book deals – since the end of October. I’m now busy updating blogs etc – and getting to know the other authors at CC, a jolly lot. CC has some great books, and the covers are dazzling. I’m not saying that. They really are. Check out their bookstore if you want to see some classy covers: The main website’s being developed, so don’t panic about the rest!

Thanks to all of you who seemed convinced I’d get to this point. I know we Celts are a stubborn breed, but even I began to have some doubts. Still, I stuck to it. Truth be told, Tomorrow’s Anecdote was the most cathartic writing experience I’ve ever had. I still feel my pulse race (uncomfortably!) when I think of the those crazy days at the Bath Chron. Inflation, threat of strikes (my union and Rob’s), worries over mortgages, Thatcher taking over the world … I don’t know how we all survived.

Now I need to think what genre the book is. Retro mystery? Read more about it on the website:


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