Maps make the point

All the editing is now finished for Ice Trekker, the teen fantasy. It looks as if my first piece of artwork will get an airing, too.

Remember the Krønagar map? It's now finished, and looks like this. I'm sure Muse will let me do a sneak preview ... It's inspired by old nautical charts, and comes complete with a few monsters of the deep.

In fact, I only started on the map so I could keep the story straight in my head. I then got obsessed, big surprise.

Photoshop is such a versatile tool. My favourite technique is clone stamping.

So, where does it go? Before the table of contents? After the TOC and before Chapter 1?

Are there any hard and fast rules? Anyway, I'm delighted it's there. I just love a book with a map.


  1. Great work on the map Pam.
    Your map looks great.
    It was the first thing readers asked for when reading the Chronicles of Caleath, so maps are not only for the author. :)
    So I create the map that I had used for writing the series. Now I love maps and making them. Afraid of copyright issues I tend to use pen and ink, first, then import to Photoshop so my fonts are legible. Limits my use of images but is still fun.


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