Time for tea?

I’ve been chained to the PC for days. So, after finishing the latest round of Ice Trekker edits, I thought I’d do something unconnected to books or the internet.

So I’ve started a batch of Green Tea Wine. As you do. Well, I had everything in. A packet of dark, scrubby-looking tealeaves at the back of a cupboard. Sugar left over from when my daughter was home (she bakes). Usual wine kit. Bucket. Bemused husband.

After much scanning online (oops, trying to avoid that), I ended up with the simplest of recipes from the famous CJJ Berry’s First Steps in Winemaking. I still have a battered copy. What a guy. I think he once said, and I quote from memory: ‘You can make wine out of almost anything, except, God forbid, tomatoes.’

Strewth. You should see the contents of bucket at the moment. Dark, green leaves, drifting about in a puddle-coloured liquid, smelling of stagnant pond.

It can only get better. I won't take a picture or I'll put you off your dinner.

I made tea wine many years ago from black tea, and it was cracking. Lovely sherry colour, it had, and it blended brilliantly with other wines and produced a mean punch. Or was that grievous bodily harm?

Nice not to have to worry about compound adverbs, action tags and subordinate clauses for a while. Or is that awhile? Arg.


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