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Photo alert

In preparation for the A to Z challenge, I'm busy tracking down as many images as possible. I love pictures in a blog. So, I'm glued to Creative Commons, as well as poking around some of my own shots that I can use with impunity.

A self-portrait, you might say. This is my brilliant arc floor lamp wot Rob got me for Christmas. All shiny and Art Deco. I love it. You can also see a reflection of my new camera if you look hard. It's purple. So there.

Pamela Kelt

Bloggy days

This will be my new persona for April, while I do the A to Z blog challenge. Little Miss I Haven't Got the Bloggiest, ca 1962. All spruced up and ready to go, I am, just as I was here on the my first day at school.

 The C is for Churchtown, and damn, that would have made a good blog. Never mind, it'll keep for another day.

When typewriters ruled

I used to work for the Southport Visiter. Yes, with an e.

Well, the time I mis-spent there constituted a down-graded gap-year between Manchester and Oxford. Not sure where I learned the most, but I came across a couple of photos that summed up the time for me. Many, many feisty women journalists, snapping at the constraints. I liked that. And here they are.

This kind of retro photo? People would kill for. And here they are. I guess I must have taken them. Not bad.

Hey, if anyone knows where Sue, Pat or Gail are now, let me know? I'm sure they're cool enough to give their permission retrospectively. All right?

1978/79. Not that long ago for some of us.

Blogged down in detail

Serve me right for having two names. Pam is OK. Pamela is a bit formal.

There I was, having a quiet moment with the internet, when bam. I couldn't access a single thing.

Long story short, I was logged in as my formal, professional, cool non-stress-absorbing Pamela.

Pam, on the other hand, was having a pink moment. I'd like you to know that I worked this out for myself, without resorting to the demon Google. All my blogs were safely tucked up in their cyber-stable and snoring quietly. Relief. These are not the droids you're looking for. Move along. Good night.

Testing times

This is just a little blog test to myself to see if I can post in advance.

A to Z

I'm limbering up for the A to Z blog challenge. Lots of new bloggy phrases. My subtitle for this blog - I haven't the bloggiest - now seems rather apt.

Cover story

Well, the dazzling cover for The Lost Orchid is now finalised. It's so much quicker to have someone else doing the design. I tend to fiddly about with fonts for too long.

I love the colour. The Victorians would call it heliotrope, I think. There's also a smashing interview on the Bluewood Publishing site, thanks to David Bowman.

Thanks, Dave!

Gothic or wot

It's so misty in Kenilworth, I had to take a bunch of photos to prove a point.

In the opening scene of The Lost Orchid, the heroine arrives in March to a Gothic fog. I hoped we got such fogs here at that time, but I couldn't be sure.

Now I am.

I just took the shots with my mobile, so the quality's not great. Still, very atmospheric.

My favourite shot is of a twisted willow at Castle Farm. When my daughter was doing A-level art, I scrambled into the thicket and found a bunch of twisted twigs that ended up a fantastic art project.