Half Life release date 16 August

Picture The headline says it all. Check out the Half Life blog along with some background to this fascinating period.

Autumn 1936. 

Clouds of war are gathering in Europe and the Fascists are eyeing up possible nuclear resources in Scandinavia.

High-flying Cambridge nuclear scientist Dr Dulcie Bennett travels to northern Norway to join an elite group of researchers bent on unlocking the secrets of the atom. She makes a startling breakthrough on a radioactive experiment, but a suspicious lab explosion derails her plans.

John Kirkwall is a troubled Canadian journalist in Sohlberg on a personal quest to uncover the real story behind a doomed polar expedition. Despite initial misunderstandings, they are drawn to one another. Soon, they become embroiled in a shady world of spies, saboteurs, secret police, neurotic academics, anti-semitism, murky political and sexual intrigue.

As winter grips, they enlist the help of the local Sami community, persecuted by the increasingly powerful right-wing nationalist party, and together they expose a dark and shameful secret of Norway’s past, bringing to light a treacherous plot that could tilt the balance of power in Hitler’s favour.

By Pamela Kelt and Robert J Deeth


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