Thursday, 4 July 2013

Short and sweet

Big week for short stories.

I put up my first piece on Smashwords this week. The Deed Box is a dark little number with a macabre twist. It's actually based on a family crisis from some years back - but it's fiction. Honest!

I got 30 downloads in the first few years. Which is nice, but then. It's FREE! I had so much, I made a video.
See it here.

Meanwhile, out of the blue, I got message from a children's literary magazine, the Caterpillar, accepting a short story called Alakazzam. Quite a contrast from The Deed Box, it's about Aladdin's lesser-known sister, who has a few tricks up her sleeve.

I'm rediscovering the art of the short story. Can't be bad.

Time to celebrate.

By Pamela Kelt

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