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Now watch the video ...

Time to launch the book trailer for Ice Trekker.

These videos take ages - and are by far the most creative delaying tactic I've ever come across.

The music is by Kevin MacLeod (Heavy Interlude), which I've tweaked a little. Most of the images are my own - photographed, twiddled and tweaked. Other general shots are public domain.

You can view it on Youtube here, or within blogger - see further below.

Hope you enjoy it.

By Pamela Kelt

Ice Trekker - ready to launch

Welcome to Krønagar!

ICE TREKKER is released on MuseItUp Publishing on 13 September 2013.

Today, I am delighted to reveal the stunning cover, designed by Marion Sipe.

So, what's the story all about?

You can visit the companion site here, where you'll find out more. Legends, inspiration, background - and a map!

Ice Trekker is a teen fantasy, set in a far-off land, inhabited by friendly Grells and their not-so-friendly rivals, the ruthless Minax.

But the Grells of Hinderland are facing a bleak future.

Supplies of Blackfrost, their one remaining fuel source, have run out. Food is scarce, jobs are hard to find and worse … the greedy Minax are poised to invade from the south.

For the sake of his family, young Midge leaves home and treks north to the frozen wastes of Krønagar, an uncharted land to the north, in search of work. Set upon by thieves, he ends up as dogsbody on the Ice Trekker, a small, shabby cargo vessel that runs into trouble from the start.

Despite evil omens in the …

Introducing Sarah England

Please welcome author Sarah England, who’s busy, busy, busy ... 

So, Sarah. Great to have you on the blog. Can you tell us a little something about yourself? Well I’m from Sheffield in God’s own Country – Yorkshire! Trained as a nurse and then worked for nearly 20 years as a medical rep, specialising in mental health. None of that was really me, though, as I always had my head in a book and secretly harboured the desire to write fiction. I had to wait a long time for the opportunity, because bills needed to be paid and my life was stormy to say the least. Then finally, about eight years ago I began to write short stories for magazines, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since – with around 150 published in various magazines and newspapers to date. This year has been especially busy with the publication of my first ever serial – a three-part murder mystery for Woman’s Weekly; the launch of ‘3am and Wide Awake’ – a collection of 25 thrillers with Alfie Dog Fiction; and hot on its heels,…

And more from Marion

Lovely boost from talented cover artist Marion Sipe. We're featured on her blog:

Thanks, Margaret

Thanks to author Margaret Fieland for a lovely interview.

One busy lady. Here's the interview - and check out the resources. Awesome.

By Pamela Kelt

Collaboration? Yes, in a way

Here's a sneak peek of an interview appearing on Readers' Entertainment. It's a reciprocal interview. Well, what did you expect? It's a husband-and-wife thing.

Pam is asking Rob:

You’re an expert in your field. How did you cope with a co-author whose understanding of science is almost non-existent? I’ve had to put up with my co-author’s scientific ignorance for 25 years or more. In fact, I have to admit, I used it to my advantage to test out all kinds of scientific arguments to see how they might sound to a lay person. Plus … the co-author is a really good listener and forgets stuff, so I can say same thing over and over again. I also consider it part of my duty to try to make complex scientific ideas accessible. I welcome the experience.
What did you like researching the most? (As if I didn’t know.) Junkers 52 seaplanes were fun. Thorium nuclear reactions were intriguing, and the historical aspects of Fermi’s experiments and his inability to rationalise the results were fa…

Half Life on its way

There's Muse loose aboot this hoose. Yes, Half Life is now on the revamped MuseItUp publishing website.

The book, co-authored with my husband Robert Deeth, is available in all digital forms from 16 August. More info on the companion blog.Join us on the virtual launch here.

By Pamela Kelt

PS I've already tagged our wonderful leading lady, Dr Dulcie Bennett from the cover.

Night train to hell

Stamboul Train is probably the source of my interest in 1930s espionage and film noir. Described as an 'entertainment' it is certainly that, but it is massively unsettling. Graham Greene will do that for you. It starred Heather Angel as the weak yet complex Coral Musker. And here she is.

The Lady Vanishes has a similar feel. It was written by Ethel Lina White, a Welsh novelist. She left employment in a government job working for the Ministry of Pensions to pursue writing. Her writing was to make her one of the best known crime writers in Britain and the USA during 1930s and 1940s.

But the best is yet to come. Night Train to Munich with Rex Harrison. Subtly underplayed - and also starring Paul Henreid.
Your starter for ten, and no looking things up. What movie did he feature as a famous resistance fighter?

By Pamela Kelt

A trip back to the 1930s

Take a trip to Pinterest for a selection of some of the inspirational images we used in Half Life.

Research was a key aspect of the book - and one of the most enjoyable. Positively addictive.

Do you have any favourite 1930s websites to share?