Sneak peek at Ice Trekker - out on 13 September

What was the inspiration behind Ice Trekker? I'm guest blogger chez Lady Rosalie, top-selling author of the popular Chronicles of Caleath series.

She was my first editor at MuseItUp, for Ice Trekker as well, and so it's a particular treat to be there. Click here to read the full article.

Meanwhile, to whet your appetite further, here are the opening paragraphs of Ice Trekker. Young Midge has just arrived in Siegfried Harbour, looking for a job ...

Chapter One: Welcome to Krønagar

“Hide!” hissed the old sailor, eyes white with fear. He slithered across the icy decking and burrowed into a tangle of fishing nets lying on the dock.

Midge turned his face upward. The navy night sky turned green, laced with purple and orange like oil in water. “What is it?” he asked, ducking into the doorway of a battered wooden boathouse. A rippling movement swept over his head in a giant tidal wave of light. He held his breath as though he were being sucked under water.

“Skythons!” came the terrified reply. “You gets them in Krønagar. But never seen ’em so big before. Horrible things. Horrible!”

Midge stared upward to watch a shimmering snake-like pattern weave and twist across the sky. The effect of long, rippling muscles struck him as so strange and beautiful that he forgot to feel afraid as he gazed at the shifting colours.

“They mean bad luck,” howled the sailor, arm over his eyes.

Up in the cold sky, colours still shimmered. “Surely it’s just superstitious nonsense?” Midge said, still staring. “They can’t be real. Just a trick of the light.” He couldn’t drag his eyes away from the sight as the shape swooped toward the dark line of mountains, arched up, over, and back toward where he stood on the little jetty. He jolted as he thought he saw a giant violet eye, bloodshot and terrible, staring right at him. 

It was so close he could see it gleam.


Find out more about icy  Krønagar, its myths and monsters, on the companion website here.


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