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Five stars for Ice Trekker

As I'm gearing up for the release of teen/tween fantasy The Cloud Pearl, I found this five-star review on Amazon for my previous adventure, Ice Trekker.

***** 'I read the whole book in one go - just could not put it down! If you like the Hobbit or the earlier Harry Potter books you will love this. It is full of weird and wonderful creatures - incredibly imaginative. This is the third book I've read by this author - all are completely different and all are cracking reads.'


Coming to a PC near you …

When I plunged into the unknown waters of epublishing, I had no idea what I was going to experience. I was quietly confident. Hey. I’m a sub-editor. I can do formatting.
Serves me right for being so cocky.
First step. Buy e-reader. Check. That was the easy bit.I began to submit manuscripts. It was odd because I had to do was ‘unlearn’ all the fancy submission documents I used to do. No footers, headers, no page numbers! Still, simple is good. I’m basically a low-tech kinda gal. I could down-size.

New Liria cover - The Cloud Pearl

I'm a great fan of teen fiction and fantasy. I'm delighted to introduce Legends of Liria, a six-part tween/teen series in six parts. The Cloud Pearl is book one.

It's inspired by my daughter Lauren's aerial skills acquired through the amazing Dream Factory, Warwick, mingled in with a fantastic trip to the inspiring country of Montenegro. A heady mix.

For more on the series, do check out the blog.

Here's the blurb:

Science + fiction

I've been watching a lot of film noir lately. British Intelligence, 1940, with Boris Karloff. Night Train to Munich with Rex Harrison.

I love the old movies - and there's always a bunch of science of technology lurking in those film noir shadows.

Hence Half Life. So, what a lovely surprise to get a mention in a science newsletter. And here it is.

Bringing chemistry to life, courtesy of the University of Warwick.

Why I love Flash Fiction – by Tom Gillespie

Please welcome fellow Crooked Cat writer Tom Gillespie, today. Author of the highly-acclaimed darkly surreal thriller, Painting by Numbers, he's sharing his passion for a different style of writing.
There's a bonus: he's written an exclusive piece for us all. It's fabulous and more than a little unsettling ... but what else would you expect? 
Here's Tom:

Calling all young readers

Blogging today chez author Kai Strand. Chatting about Ice Trekker and writing for young readers.