The Cloud Pearl Blush - a variation

What a difference bitters can make.

I've always loved Angostura bitters, but recently I've been branching out. Have you tried cranberry bitters? They make a super Christmas present suggestion - especially if your partner is stuck for ideas for what to buy you.

Try this variation of The Cloud Pearl. It's surprisingly different in taste, with just a minor adjustment.

The Cloud Pearl Blush

One measure of gin
One measure of sweet vermouth (bianco)
One measure of dry vermouth
Dash of cranberry bitters
Ice (tonic water ice cubes and regular).
Make some tonic water ice cubes by pouring tonic water into the ice cube tray. 
    To make:
    Place liquor into a shaker and shake lightly with two or three ice cubes per person.
    Place tonic water ice cube into a classic wide cocktail glass.

    The cranberry bitters create this subtle pink shade and add a lovely fruity hint.


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