The Cloud Pearl - launch day

Today is the launch of The Cloud Pearl, book one of Legends of Liria.

The book's now on and Smashwords, among others. Hop over for some questing banter and epic pictures of swords and monsters. There's a giveaway, too.

To mark the occasion, I've devised a fantasy cocktail:

‘The Cloud Pearl’ cocktail

Make some tonic water ice cubes by pouring tonic water into the ice cube tray. Locate a source of UV light. (I used a tiny torch, but there are blacklight bulbs that work well too.)

• One measure of gin
• One measure of sweet vermouth (bianco)
• One measure of dry vermouth
• Dash of Angostura bitters
• Ice.

To make:
Place liquor into a shaker and shake lightly with two or three ice cubes per person.
Place tonic water ice cube into a classic wide cocktail glass.
Dim the lights and switch on UV light as you pour the cocktail over the tonic water cube.
The quinine in the tonic water glows lilac. It fizzles as it floats and looks amazing.

Variation: The Cloud Pearl Blush
As above, but instead of Angostura bitters, add a dash of cranberry bitters to create a subtle pink shade.

Here's a link to the document if you want to download the recipe:


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