The Cloud Pearl

I love a cocktail with a gimmick.

Here’s the recipe for The Cloud Pearl cocktail. It has a UV twist!

One measure of gin
One measure of sweet vermouth (bianco)
One measure of dry vermouth
Dash of Angostura bitters
Make some tonic water ice cubes by pouring tonic water into an ice cube tray. You’ll also need to locate a source of UV light. I bought a cheap mini-torch on ebay. It also has an infra-red light, which I feel might feature in a future post. Blacklight bulbs are also easy to find - you might have one left over from Halloween ...

      To make:
      Place liquor into a shaker and shake lightly with two or three ice cubes per person.
      Drop a single tonic water ice cube into a classic wide cocktail glass.
      Dim the lights and switch on UV light as you pour the cocktail over the tonic water cube.

      The quinine in the tonic water glows lilac. It fizzles as it floats and looks amazing. The idea was to represent the 'cloud pearls' concept from the book, which are frozen hailstones flung to earth by angry weather gods.

      By Pamela Kelt


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