Quick, Quick, Sloe

Cocktail recipes are everywhere, including supermarkets (keen to make a buck by selling you posh licquor). I picked up a leaflet from our local Waitrose and found a sloe gin cocktail called Blackthorn ripe for adaptation.

When seeking inspiration, I often walk the dogs in our nearby spinney, which this year has been abundant with hedgerow gems, none more so than sloe berries. So, this autumn, I made a batch of my own sloe gin. (Recipe for this to follow.)

So, here’s my version, using my own brew. Admittedly, my gin was a bit pale, but the flavour is great. I suspect I used slightly unripe berries in my eagerness.


1 measure sloe gin
2 measure martini rosso
dash of Angostura bitters
twist of lemon

Mix over ice and serve.

Try it with cranberry bitters for a festive twist. Confession - I reused the glog-infused lemon peel for the garnish. Soz.

By Pamela Kelt


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