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Dark Interlude: Black Friday remembered

A strange death … a deadly mission … a city on the brink …
Who says the war was over?
Friday was the anniversary of 'The Battle of George Square, an extraordinary uprising in Glasgow in January 1919.

'Bloody Friday’ was one of the most intense riots in the history of Glasgow. Also known as 'Black Friday’, the dispute revolved around a campaign for shorter working hours, backed by widespread strike action. Clashes between the City of Glasgow Police and protesters broke out, leading to the British government sending in English soldiers. Tanks rolled through the streets of the city to prevent any further gatherings due to their fear of a Bolshevist uprising. It was described as a ‘socialist revolution’ by supporters, as had happened in the 1917 Russian Revolution, and was occurring in Germany and in the Austro-Hungarian Empire while the 'Forty Hours' strike unfolded.

DARK INTERLUDE is a post-World-War-One romantic adventure inspired by event.
Winter 1918. In a sweeping sto…

A bit of vintage Victoriana ...

I'm leaping gazelle-like into the 1880s. The Lost Orchid edits are proceeding apace.

Just awaiting to hear if some of my submitted artwork might make it into the book!

I dabbled in making up faux documentation just for fun - or possibly with an idea that they might populate a website. Very distracting!

Here are some I prepared earlier ... I plan to create a vintage-style scrapbook for The Lost Orchid website.

By Pamela Kelt

Double bill - seeking votes, please

Busy time this week on You Gotta Read.

After winning second place last month with the Ice Trekker video trailer, I've now got two books up for a prize. Historical novel Dark Interlude is set in post-WW1 Scotland when revolution was in the air ...

Tween fantasy adventure The Cloud Pearl is book one of an epic tale, Legends of Liria, introduces Svila and Petra who are on a mission to save their homeland from a dark dynasty.

Starry review for Ice Trekker

This made my day:

''Terry Pratchett has a potential successor in Pamela Kelt. She never misses a great pun, her characters are as wacky as Pratchett's odd assortment on Discworld, and she writes very well too boot. Her British take on language makes it even more of a treat for those of us from the Colonies. Well done, Pamela Kelt. You've got a winner here."

Latest review for Ice Trekker. And the reviewer didn't even realise I worked at the Bath Evening Chronicle where Terry himself used to ply his trade. He left a month before I joined.

By Pamela Kelt

The Lost Orchid - coming soon

Bluewood Publishing has just been in touch. I am now in possession of the edited version of The Lost Orchid.

Over to me! It's always a little daunting to see what's been done, but I'm happy so far. A few track change balloons here and there. Nothing I haven't seen before.

So, time to get my head back to 1885 when orchidelirium was at its height when collectors would go to extraordinary lengths for the most exotic blooms around. And which were the most precious? The lost orchids, flowers that had been located in some distant jungle or rainforest, recorded and then vanished.

Tomorrow's Anecdote - now at Waterstones

It's true. Here it is: Tomorrow’s Anecdote

Just another day in the newsroom? Hardly.

It is October 1987.

Clare Forester is an overworked and under-appreciated features sub on a provincial paper in Somerset, cheerfully ranting about her teenage daughter, her spiteful mother, her reclusive lodger, the Thatcher government, new technology, grubby journalists, petty union officials, her charming ex – and just about anything that crosses her path.

If things aren’t tempestuous enough, on Thursday, October 15, the Great Storm sweeps across Britain, cutting a swathe of destruction across the southern counties. At the office, Clare is pushed to breaking point by pushy bosses and inept colleagues, and loses her temper with gale-force fury. She is suspended from work and finds herself in therapy for stress, while her union embarks on strike action. Worse is to come.

Black Monday follows and the markets crash. But it's not just the future that's giving Clare grief.

Dark family secrets c…

The Cloud Pearl - shortlisted for prize

I love making book trailers.

I was delighted when the video for Ice Trekker gained second in an online contest. Not bad for someone who's only just learned how to fight with Windows Movie Maker - and win!

This month, the video for The Cloud Pearl is now shortlisted as well. Do take a look here. The voting starts on 21 January.

You can also see the trailer on Youtube.

By Pamela Kelt

Aerial inspiration - The Cloud Pearl

Here's a lovely plug for The Cloud Pearl in our local paper. My daughter Lauren is on the trapeze during a production. It was her aerial skills that inspired the series. She's now my official creative consultant.

What's more, the video trailer's in the shortlist at You gotta read. Voting from 21 January!

It's listed at #12.

You can also view it here:

By Pamela Kelt

Dark Interlude in the spotlight

The cover for my post-ww1 historical novel Dark Interlude is shortlisted on You Gotta Read. Voting from January 21, folks.

Designed by Marion Sipes, it's my first release with MuseItUp

If you scan the page, you'll see a link to the prize-winning video trailer for Ice Trekker, too!

Blooming stats

I started a blog called Orchidmania a couple of years ago. It was something of a learning curve as I had to come to grips with blogging in general, designing the blog and making it work.

At first, nobody read it.

I plugged away, writing features and articles, sharing photos, tales of trips to orchid houses, quirky stories of orchids in the news ...

It all came about as a result of research for a book I wrote called The Lost Orchid - which also has a blog (I was becoming addicted already). Research doesn't sound a big enough word. I spent many happy hours rootling around accounts of how addicted collectors became to orchids in the 19th century. Lost orchids were particularly sought after: these were specimens that had been found and recorded, but which then disappeared due to floods, earthquakes, civil strife - or simple, greedy over-collection.

Slowly, people began to drop by. I developed a system, putting up a story on Fridays, which worked best. The schedule option was a godsen…

A winter's tale

I'm visiting fellow MuseItUp Publishing author Penny Ehrenkranz's blog, chatting about winter themes and teen fantasy Ice Trekker. There's a giveaway, too!

Do take a look and send a comment for a chance to win if you have a moment.

Thanks, Penny. Great idea for a blog series.

Ice Trekker by Pamela Kelt - video success

A delightful email arrived today. My video for teen fantasy Ice Trekker is 2nd place winner in a December Video Contest.

You'll see the cover on the Yougottareads site for a couple of months.

It was fun to do. The images I rustled up from Wikimedia and processed with filters. The music is by the inimitable Kevin MacLeod from his website. The cover design is by Marion Sipes. Here's the video on Youtube.

Ice Trekker is on the MuseItUp Publishing site and among others.

The Grells of Hinderland face a bleak future.

Blackfrost, their last source of fuel, is running out. Food is scarce, jobs are hard to find, and worse … the greedy Minax under evil Empress Koya are threatening to invade from the south.

For the sake of his family, young Midge leaves his cosy home in search of a job and treks north to the mysterious icy wastes of Kr√łnagar.

Set upon by Minax thieves, he misses out on his dream of working on the king’s new flagship, ending up as dogsbo…