Sweet Thang

Out of necessity, I converted a classic orange cocktail into a grapefruit surprise.

The ‘Sweet Patootie’, which blends gin with triple sec and orange juice is a nice enough cocktail. However, our house was an OJ-free zone. Time to improvise.


1 measure Cointreau or triple sec
1 measure gin
1 measure grapefruit juice
Dash of grenadine or hibiscus
Dash of orange bitters.

Shake over ice. Refrain from the grenadine or hibiscus if you don’t have a sweet tooth. I like it either way.

Regarding the name, I’m a little mystified. Literally, it’s US for sweet potato – and the colour matches, but only when made with grenadine. Otherwise, it’s a subtle yellow.


By Pamela Kelt 

If you add the grenadine after the fact, let it sink to the bottom, you can create a 'sunrise' effect.


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