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Revisiting the Cold War

'When I was five, I thought the world was going to end.

'It was the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis and my father tried to explain what was going on. My mother thought I was too young and fretted. We were having chicken, I recall, but the sky did not fall.

'Like many baby boomers, I’ve been fascinated by the Cold War ever since, growing up on a diet of Mission Impossible, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and feeding my appetite on chunky airport novels and blockbuster movies set in this era.

'Recently, I edited my father’s first book, Not With A Whimper, a cracking Cold War thriller set in Spain in the late 1960s. It was inspired by a family holiday to Andalusia. Our hotel was near Rota, the US submarine base and the US presence was tangible, even to a ten-year-old. As I worked on the manuscript, it seemed a good idea to immerse myself in some classic 1970s Cold War movies. It was easy to find recent offerings – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, of course, and the BBC …

Crooked Cats' Tales in the charts

The latest anthology from Crooked Cat made the charts today:

#26in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Anthologies#44in Books > Fiction > Anthologies

Brilliant work, everyone. Drum roll ...

'Twenty stories of historical and contemporary fiction, crime and drama, fantasy, humour and ghostly shenanigans. Murder. Love. Adventure. Gossip. Growing up. Scheming. Friendship – Crooked Cats’ Tales has it all!
Crooked Cat authors and their contributions:

Cocktail Hour by Pamela Kelt
A Rescue in Graphite by Maggie Secara
Once Again by KB Walker
The Pied Piper of Larus by Kathy Sharp
Her Visitors by Ailsa Abraham
White Rose by Carol Hedges
A Bright New Copper by Catriona King
Altared by Adele Elliott
Misgivings by Nancy Jardine
Saturday Fever by Sue Barnard
The Wanderer by T.E. Taylor
Sheffield Steel by Trevor Ripley
The Blue House by Carol Maginn
Processionary Penitents by Nik Morton
The Second Summer of Love by Michela O’Brien
Young Loves by Jeff Gardiner
Cradle of Man by J…

Crooked Cats' Tales - free on Smashwords

Time to celebrate a new anthology of short stories by a group of contemporary authors.

Crooked Cats' Tales features 20 stories in all genres by chart-topping writers from the exciting publisher, Crooked Cat.

Today (April 23) is the online launch - do come along. Currently, it's free on Smashwords, and on Amazon for 99p (charity contribution).

My contribution is Cocktail Hour, a Nordic-noir inspired tale inspired by a visit to the Finnish archipelago last summer.

The setting was dramatic (above) and quite beautiful, although I wouldn't like to be there in January, for instance. Below is a wonderful landscape painting by my daughter Lauren, who was much taken by the scenery.

There's a collection of photos on Pinterest, but the best photos are on my daughter's blog, Brunch at Tiffany's.

Cocktail Hour

To celebrate the launch of 'Crooked Cats' Tales', a veritable cocktail of short stories, I came up with this little beverage.

Inspired by my contribution, somewhat cheekily tagged 'Cocktail Hour', it's a 'stormier' version of a Sea Breeze, which can be a little bland.

Ingredients: 1.5 measures vodka 1 measure cranberry juice Juice of half a lime Dash of cranberry bitters Dash of tonic water
Shake everything bar the tonic water over ice and add a spritz of tonic water to taste.

The cocktail story (and the cocktail itself) were inspired by a visit to the Finnish archipelago, which was stunning. We were lucky enough to be be invited to stay in the guest house of a family who lived on a tiny island, 20 minutes from the mainland.

It was the epitome of serenity - in August. We were entranced by the colours of the ocean and wildlife (see more images on Pinterest). As a fan of Nordic Noir, it wasn't surprising when a dark little story popped into my head.

If you fancy…

In memory of my Dad, author of Not With A Whimper

Here's a small blog I put together to mark the launch of his original Cold War thriller, Not With A Whimper. It tells the story of how the book came about, the Spanish inspiration, some family photos and anecdotes and my role as editor. Nothing fancy.

Click here.

By Pamela Kelt

Not With A Whimper - out 13 May

Some retro-style PR for my late father's book. I was going for the Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy filtered look.
Find out more on a small website I've put together to accompany the book.

Peter A. W. Kelt

Guns and orchids

Strange title, but it's been a strange week.

Last Friday, I was busy with the launch of The Lost Orchid, a botanical mystery that I began some years ago when I became disenchanted with the workforce. Long story.

Over the weekend, I finalised the cover for Not With a Whimper, an original Cold War thriller by my late father, Peter A. W. Kelt. It comes out on 13 May.

You should see the cover. It's a stunning 'Callan'-style shiver-down-the-spine spy classic, with a retro font. Best of all, it has my dad's name on the front in really big letters.

Emotionally, it's complicated, but I'm going with 'chuffed'.

PS Here's the link for the launch.

The Lost Orchid - view from Moscow

I've just seen the first review for The Lost Orchid. And it's in Russian!


By Pamela Kelt

The Lost Orchid finds its way into the charts

I'm thrilled to report that The Lost Orchid has hit the charts already, hours into the launch.

Just after lunch, it had reached #23 in the Historical fiction, Victorian genre. Thanks to all of you who bought it. Much appreciated. From my emails, I can see it's been bought in places as far afield as Hawaii and Moscow. Fantastic. Orchidmania rocks.

It's now on Amazon and Smashwords.

It was the first book I wrote and is very close to my heart, partly because it's all set locally. The research was a blast, too!

Meanwhile, find out more about the Gothic inspiration behind the story, in an article called 'Orchid fever' on Reader's Entertainment.

By Pamela Kelt

The Lost Orchid

This pale pink concoction has a classy dusky hue. Forget all the other ‘pink’ drinks. This dessert cocktail is sheer sophistication.

It was inspired by The Lost Orchid, a botanical mystery set in the 1880s when orchidmania was rife ... 

Ingredients 1 measure of Chambord (or cassis) 1 measure of vodka 1 tiny dash of blueberry liqueur a tiny dash of dark crème de cacao 1 measure single cream
To serve: ice sugar crystals grenadine

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. To prepare the glass, moisten the rim with grenadine and place upside down on a saucer filled with granulated sugar (or other pink sugar crystals).

Different brands of liqueurs will produce different hues, so it might be worth experimenting with tiny measures in a clear glass. The crème de cacao, for instance, gives the drink a fantastic subtle edge, but too much of it will turn the mix beige. A posh beige, but beige nonetheless.
Whatever you do, DO NOT add grenadine. It will turn your cocktail the colour of blanc…