The Lost Orchid

This pale pink concoction has a classy dusky hue. Forget all the other ‘pink’ drinks. This dessert cocktail is sheer sophistication.

It was inspired by The Lost Orchid, a botanical mystery set in the 1880s when orchidmania was rife ... 

1 measure of Chambord (or cassis)
1 measure of vodka
1 tiny dash of blueberry liqueur
a tiny dash of dark crème de cacao
1 measure single cream

To serve:
sugar crystals

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. To prepare the glass, moisten the rim with grenadine and place upside down on a saucer filled with granulated sugar (or other pink sugar crystals).

Different brands of liqueurs will produce different hues, so it might be worth experimenting with tiny measures in a clear glass. The crème de cacao, for instance, gives the drink a fantastic subtle edge, but too much of it will turn the mix beige. A posh beige, but beige nonetheless.

Whatever you do, DO NOT add grenadine. It will turn your cocktail the colour of blancmange.

By Pamela Kelt 

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