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Meet my main character - Flora McPhairson from The Lost Orchid

Good morning to you. This week’s post is a little different. It’s all part of the Meet My Main Character historical fiction writers’ blog hop. I've been tagged by the multi-talented Nancy Jardine, who writes thrilling historical romantic adventure and engaging contemporary romantic fiction. Her novels have been published by The Wild Rose Press and Crooked Cat. Her newest main character, the intriguing Aran Bruce, is spotlighted here.

I thought I’d introduce the lead character from the The Lost Orchid, a Gothic-inspired mystery set at the height of orchid fever in the late 19th century. Botanical history has always fascinated me, especially the crazy exploits of Scottish plant collectors, whose intrepid expeditions defy belief. It was such an intriguing subject, that the research nearly took over, but the book is now out, thanks to Bluewood Publishing, in print and digital.

1) What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person? Let me introduce the young he…