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A 'lost' crime writer - Gladys Mitchell

Are there any fans of Gladys Mitchell out there?

I've just been contacted by Lara Martin who's researching this wonderful, and under-appreciated, writer.

You might recall the series, Mrs Bradley - although we're agreed it was one of the Beeb's most shocking travesties.

I did a wee blog on GM some time ago -

I'm still a fan. How it came about was quite a fluke.

I came across a boxful of her books at a charity shop in Leamington and had a go at a biography. But Gladys' life was hard to probe - a private, almost secretive woman. Undeterred, I recycled the material and began writing fiction instead. Tomorrow's Anecdote was, in part, inspired by Gladys' quirky style. 

So there you go. The photo above is just part of my collection.

If anyone has any info, do let me know and I'll pass it on to Lara - who's in Iceland, would you believe. Marvellous.

Pamela Kelt

Festival flash - Tomorrow's Anecdote

I was born in Edinburgh and always loved the festival. My Granny Paton kind of re-adopted me in my teens and took me along.

Madness. From Tamburlaine (complete with real serpents and lotsagore) to Iolanthe via puppets. We went all over by bus and had such a giggle. I could write a book about it, and perhaps I shall.

For now, though. Fantastic moment. Crooked Cat has arrived at the Book Festival - and I'm there! Tomorrow's Anecdote crosses the border.

A fleeting moment in the spotlight at 1.13. Marvellous.

Thanks, Laurence and Steph.

True Haven - soon to launch

Thanks to Crooked Cat Publishing and my editor, Bella Book, True Haven now has its official release date. It's Friday, October 3.

Do join me for the online launch here.

If you haven't yet received an invitation, just send me an email:

Local connection

At last! My local bookstore is stocking The Lost Orchid. The Lost Orchid is now available at Kenilworth Books.

All highly apt, given that this is where the story takes place. Botanical shenanigans in 1885 ...

It is 1885. Flora McPhairson teeters on the abyss of social disgrace but finds sanctuary at the home of her uncle, veteran plant collector-turned hybridiser.

But all is not well at the orchid houses in leafy Warwickshire. Soon Flora is drawn into a notorious world where fortunes are won – and lost – as orchid-mad society clamours for ever more exotic blooms, and ruthless dealers despatch their most determined and cunning plant hunters to the furthest reaches of the Empire.

In this hotbed of intrigue, deceit and danger, dark forces lurk in every shrubbery. Events take an even more sinister turn, and soon Flora and charismatic journalist William Carter find themselves in a deadly battle against ruthless foes as they battle to save the reputation of the nation itself …