Dark thoughts

It struck me today that if I sliced the first two chapters of the latest work, I'd have a nifty little short story premise.

As I trundled through Crackley Wood on a crisp, winter's day, the rest of the story just popped into my head. It is bonkers, macabre and deliciously Gothic.

Working title? Monsters in the Museum, or some such. This is a clue, but I reckon you won't get it - I'm giving nothing away yet!

I've also come up with another idea - Death in the Peach House.

You've heard of locked room mysteries? This is a locked garden mystery. It was inspired by my latest venture - volunteering to help restore Guy's Cliffe Walled Garden, just outside Warwick.

While others were digging for Britain last week, I adjusted my hard hat and carried on with clearing out the broken glass and other rubbish from said peach house. I even found a peach stone! Will they plant it? I hope so.

By Pamela Kelt


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