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A walled garden in spring

The walled garden at Guy’s Cliffe is beginning to show signs of spring.

I joined as a volunteer in October last year, and have been keeping a photographic record of its progress. In September, I visited as part of the Heritage Weekend and got hooked!
Visit my GCWG Pinterest page for a six-month visual archive.

Today, there were school visitors and a team of conservationists – quite a bustle. The highlight for me was the discovery of a baby newt. If you’re interested, there’s a new Guy's Cliffe Walled Garden website under construction.

The reason I went in the first place was because I was interested in Guy’s Cliffe house which inspired Gothic adventure, The Lost Orchid. As there was a plant nursery across the road, I decided to write a botanical mystery, little knowing there was a walled garden just a few yards away. Even more uncanny is the fact that Bertie Greatheed, creator of the garden, was a fern fanatic. 
I’m currently working on The Blackfern Conspiracy, the sequel to The Lost O…