A toast to orchids

There were too many cross-pollinating ideas in this article not to mention it ...

Apparently, there’s a new cocktail experience, the Gin Garden, at Kew Gardens Orchid House.

Coinciding with the “alluring orchids” festival, the Gin Garden offers four, two at each bar, one “hot”, one “cold”, all made with a certain famous gin associated with the capital.

The citrus comment us a blend of gin, triple sec, dry orange liqueur, shaken with pressed pineapple juice, sweetened with vanilla syrup, served over crushed ice – scented with orange, pink grapefruit and lemon grass.

The ‘hot’ option is a Hooker Hot Cup, inspired by the Hooker Orchid. Gin is mixed with gold needle tea, pressed blood orange, lemon juice, sweetened with Bhutanese spice infused with honey, rhubarb syrup served warm and finished with a flame of toasted winter spices.

I’m, er, hooked.

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