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Midsummer Glen - the cocktail

Elderflower cordial? Grapefruit juice? Well, this might work. Variations on a theme are definitely allowed.

Full rcipe on the cocktail blog.

By Pamela Kelt

Midsummer Glen - the cocktail

On the eve of Midsummer, a most evocative moment, it seems the time to introduce the latest cocktail.

This offering marks the latest mini-book, not quite a novella, Midsummer Glen, free to download. It's a parable of the paranormal, set in June 1939. This was a time when anything might have happened.

From the first few paragraphs, you'll see that the theme is, basically, hedgerows, hence elderflower. Well, that's one ingredient.

Midsummer Martini
3 measures gin 3 measures grapefruit juice 2 measures sweet vermouth dash elderflower cordial dash grapefruit bitters dash lime juice slice of lemon or lime to serve lots of ice
Assemble. Add ice and shake. 
I have to admit, grapefruit bitters sound a bit fancy. They can be purchased, but I like grapefruit, so I make my own. But lots of lovely grapefruit juice will do the trick. If anyone wants the bitters recipe, just ask.
On a health note, if you're taking tablets to lower your blood pressure, just check that you're allowed this. I…

Seasonal inspiration

A literary friend is hosting a short blog about how Midsummer Glen and other recent short stories came about.

Take a visit to Linda's 'Reader's Entertainment' to read my guest blog 'Sun, moon and stars ...'

Thanks, Linda! Druids unite.

By Pamela Kelt

Screen test

How valuable are book trailers?

Well, after spending a few hours doing my latest one for a supernatural mini-book, I'm trying to justify the time.

I put Midsummer Glen on Smashwords as a free story, and it's heading for a hundred downloads in a couple of days. That's super.

Now that the video is on Youtube, will I notice an increase?

Frankly, even I don't, I'm not sure I care. It was fun to make and concentrates the mind wonderfully.

It gives you a new perspective on the cover - does it work? Choosing the music is time-consuming, but I felt more equipped to chat about the book, having thought long and hard about the atmosphere. In general, the creative process is a welcome antidote to other forms of PR. Sorry, I hate filling in author bios, composing quizzes, offering prizes and all the rest of it. I'm not even a regular blogger, these days. I just ping out a little post when I feel like it! QED.

Back to the trailer. Halfway through, one finds one has to produ…

Stones of a certain standing

Summer Solstice is a well-honoured tradition in many cultures and the quintessential image for most is Stonehenge.

But there are so many other stone circles, and over the past twelve months, I’ve been adding some to my collection. My first experience was some years ago, when we took a trip to the spectacular Ales Stenar, a megalithic monument in Sk√•ne in southern Sweden (pictured above). The 59 boulders form the outline of an oval stone ship, eerily stranded on a treeless headland. We were there in May, and dozens of skylarks fluted above us in a dazzling, blue sky. Our daughter, Lauren, was under two and enjoyed the trip from the comfort of the kiddie backpack. 
My recent fascination was revived by another family trip, this time to Avebury late spring last year, where we spent a happy afternoon stalking around the mysterious stones against the backdrop of pale yellow fields and blue skies worthy of an Eric Ravilious landscape. I wonder if subconsciously his painting Runway Perspective

Midsummer Glen - sneak peek

Here's the cover of the latest short story ... Midsummer Glen.

I'm just doing the final formatting before putting it up on Smashwords. It'll be FREE. I'll post the link soon.

Midsummer Glen is the third part of a seasonal quartet, inspired by the astronomical solstices and equinoxes.

Here's the blurb so far:

June 1939 ...  Hitler’s shadow is falling over Europe. But young Alistair McCompton is heading for a very different war ... The destiny of mankind is at stake, and there's not a bomb in sight.
As you can deduce from the title, the story is set in Scotland, inspired by a wonderful trip to Kilmartin Glen.

More in a few days ...

By Pamela Kelt