Midsummer Glen - the cocktail

On the eve of Midsummer, a most evocative moment, it seems the time to introduce the latest cocktail.

This offering marks the latest mini-book, not quite a novella, Midsummer Glen, free to download. It's a parable of the paranormal, set in June 1939. This was a time when anything might have happened.

From the first few paragraphs, you'll see that the theme is, basically, hedgerows, hence elderflower. Well, that's one ingredient.

Midsummer Martini

3 measures gin
3 measures grapefruit juice
2 measures sweet vermouth
dash elderflower cordial
dash grapefruit bitters
dash lime juice
slice of lemon or lime to serve
lots of ice

Assemble. Add ice and shake. 

I have to admit, grapefruit bitters sound a bit fancy. They can be purchased, but I like grapefruit, so I make my own. But lots of lovely grapefruit juice will do the trick. If anyone wants the bitters recipe, just ask.

On a health note, if you're taking tablets to lower your blood pressure, just check that you're allowed this. I've been on the tabs for some time and it was only recently that someone alerted me to the fact that grapefruit basically anaesthetises the tablets. I now do grapefruit at least 12 hours after the blood pressure tabs. Or is that 12 hours before?

Worth checking.



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