Screen test

How valuable are book trailers?

Well, after spending a few hours doing my latest one for a supernatural mini-book, I'm trying to justify the time.

I put Midsummer Glen on Smashwords as a free story, and it's heading for a hundred downloads in a couple of days. That's super.

Now that the video is on Youtube, will I notice an increase?

Frankly, even I don't, I'm not sure I care. It was fun to make and concentrates the mind wonderfully.

It gives you a new perspective on the cover - does it work? Choosing the music is time-consuming, but I felt more equipped to chat about the book, having thought long and hard about the atmosphere. In general, the creative process is a welcome antidote to other forms of PR. Sorry, I hate filling in author bios, composing quizzes, offering prizes and all the rest of it. I'm not even a regular blogger, these days. I just ping out a little post when I feel like it! QED.

Back to the trailer. Halfway through, one finds one has to produce more images - screenshots, et cetera - and condense the story into cinematic soundbites. All grist to the mill for future PR. You also spot author profiles and other online snippets that could do with updating. To my horror, I discovered (actually my husband Rob discovered), that Youtube had switched off all my other trailers and set them to private. Honestly!

Finally, I feel it really comes into its own by the time you do the credits. In fact, it's heartwarming to see all your titles in one place. It certainly made me feel as though I'd achieved something, for writing can be such a solitary and even soul-destroying caper.

Midsummer Glen is book three of a seasonal quartet. Having seen how the three now look with their respective online presences, I'm fired up to complete the last one. Early, I hope! Gotta leave time for the vid.

So, early this week, I insisted to myself that I come up with the fourth title of the series - and I've even sorted out the plot.

Watch out for EQUINOX for autumn. And yes, I already have the music, which I find is the perfect place to start. Without giving too much away, it has a bonkers, 1950s sci-fi 'creature feature' feel, which should help set the tone.

By Pamela Kelt


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