Equinox: a strange journey into self-publishing

Today sees the release of my supernatural thriller, Equinox. It's a longish short story set in the Cold War, when weird things start happening in a secret lab one dark September night.

The conclusion to a seasonal quartet of tales, this is also another delve into historical fiction with a chilling twist.

Much fun was had researching uranium mines, Enigma machines, the average temperatures in Omsk and how to create a makeshift explosion.

It also marks my first venture into self-publishing, the paid variety.

Oh boy, those forms. Amazon author pages, tax forms, correspondence with the IRS, Kindle forms ... Had some fun with those. As one who has a specialty in misreading questions, I'm amazed I got it out there in time for the autumnal equinox - 23 September, in case you're wondering.

Exciting times lie ahead, for I'm polishing Machiavelli's Acolyte, a dark tale of murder and mayhem in deepest, darkest Bohemia in the early 1700s. Then, I've reacquired the rights to four other titles that rather got lost in Canada. Long story.

Keep an eye open for re-releases of Half Life, Dark Interlude, Ice Trekker and The Cloud Pearl.

Before I crawl back into my cave to rejig all those blinking blogs and links, do check out the book on Amazon.

To whet your appetite for some Cold War paranoia, there's a short creepy video. Love doing these!

Finally, a big thanks to Rob for all the technical stuff. Magic.

By Pamela Kelt


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