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Ice Trekker relaunch

It’s time to go it alone.

Ice Trekker, a fantasy adventure, was languishing in the charts of a far-off publisher, so I wrested back the rights and republished it myself. 

As part of the relaunch, it now has a brand new cover. It's based on a photograph I took at a Finnish maritime museum (!) – and topped with some copyright-free icicles and placed against a backdrop of currents in an ice floe and Northern Lights. It's now available once more on Amazon and Smashwords.

You’ll see the publisher is Ted the Elk, a title based on our unusual family surnames. 
So, as you can tell, much fun has been had.
Future titles getting the same treatment will include Half Life, a ‘noir’ thriller set in Norway co-written with my husband, Rob Deeth; Dark Interlude, a mystery adventure set in the post-WW1 Scotland when revolution was in the air and part one of Legends of Liria: The Cloud Pearl, a fantasy series for younger readers.
Now I’m busy updating all the relevant blogs and links. You wouldn’t be…