Summer Solstice story

One of the many joys of hunting out ancient sites of standing stones and stone crosses is that they can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Even on a rainy Summer Solstice.

High cross on Iona
In fact, some art historians actively seek out early Irish high crosses in the rain for the sandstone patterns are said to suggest the redness of blood. Early Christianity or a harking back to dark druidic practices? You can make up your own mind.

Nether Largie standing stone
As an avid fan, I’ve been privileged to visit Monasterboice in Ireland recently, along with trips to Iona and Kilmarting to see such all-time favourites as the Temple Wood stone circle. (See a previous blog on my fascination with 'Stones of a Certain Standing'.)

So, if you’re in the mood for a chilling parable of the paranormal for this rain-swept midsummer, head over to Smashwords for a free short story – Midsummer Glen. It’s one quarter of a seasonal quartet entitled Equinox (on Amazon).

Temple Wood stone circle
You’ll see one the Nether Largie standing stones on the cover, which inspired the story. And I’d never even heard of Outlander when I wrote it! A mystic coincidence if ever there was. 

There’s also a short book trailer on Youtube for an eerie taster of what to expect. 

A perfect place to write? Beehive hut in Kilmartin (not Skellig Michael).


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