Ten reasons to take your laptop on holiday

I don’t care if it’s not PC, as it were, but I’ve decided I like having my laptop with me on vacation.

Cloudy horizons at Mumbles
In the past, I just used to pack an A4 pad, some printouts and a pen, and hoped for the best. However, I never did anything useful, I’m afraid to say.

Norwegian Church on a bright Cardiff afternoon
This year, I’ve been parcelling up the old Acer and recharger and shoving them in my hand luggage. Then off I go. It’s not been obsessive and I haven’t been tempted to do hours and hours a day, but just a bit of dabbling. I have say, it’s been great.

Here’s why:
Breakers on Rhossili Beach
  1. I don’t lose the thread of whatever I’m working on.
  2. I hate typing on a tablet.
  3. It keeps me sane during inevitable delays at airports, stations, ferries, car hire desks etc.
  4. I feel liberated to tackle those knotty plot problems because I’m not distracted by the usual domestic nonsense.
  5. I don’t fret about the weather, for I can always edit a quick chapter while waiting the sun to come out. Especially useful in Wales, as you can see.
  6. Taking the laptop means I have all my notes, background details and so forth, so I can keep the text consistent.
  7. By the same token, if I get stuck on one manuscript, I have the wherewithal to dabble in another.
  8. Any work I achieve is a bonus.
  9. It’s much more environmentally-friendly than printing out masses of pages.
  10. Writing is fun for me, so why deny myself the pleasure?
Leafy bower in a shower on the Gower
So, it might not be for you, but it works for me. And since you ask, I'm now officially halfway through Machiavelli's Acolyte and raring to go to finish it soon. 


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