Writing on a sunny afternoon

I love working outside on a warm day, but glare is a problem.

Introducing Shadow Box Mark II, a revamped version of my personalised laptop anti-glare device, which I pimped up for today’s heat wave. Glaringly obvious bit of DIY, but it works!

Yes, even in Scotland, the temperature is over 20 degrees.

What you’ll need

  • Several different rolls of sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • A shoebox that is slightly larger than your PC
  • A patient partner who must promise not to laugh.
First, deconstruct the panels and then simply reassemble and stick into place around the laptop (making sure that any flexes/memory cards etc also fit!).

Fetch long cold drink.

Insert laptop and off you go.

Of course, you’ll have to change out of that sparkly top – those dazzling sequins are not helpful.

And has anyone else struggled with using a mouse on an ornate cast iron garden table? A problem for another day.

My husband was rather envious of my super-sophisticated creation, so he made his own. He’s dubbed it the ViewTube.

Actually, he's just abandoned it in favour of a garden brolly!


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