How do you doodle?


I doodle. I have always been a doodler. Although I rail against fidgets, I am still an inveterate doodler.

People doodle differently. Flowers, swirls, squares.

I also doodle most extravagantly when stressed.

My daughter and I had an odd double doodle moment the other week. She was writing up a Masters dissertation and I was trying not to be anxious about the fact that she was ... writing up a Masters dissertation.

Creepy though this sounds, our doodles were almost identical. Squared off boxes and geometric shapes.

Lauren has been doing art history and had insightful comments about the psychology of it all. It made sense to us, and yes, we are re-watching Gilmore Girls.

Today I had a anxious online meeting, so I got out the writing pad, hoping to make notes. All I did was doodle. Stressfully.

No wonder people revert to colour books.

I attach a wee picture of my stress-doodles for the record. 

PS The cross-hatching is a new feature. What does that mean?


  1. I doodle frequently. Many years ago, while in college, I created mountain scenes, wildlife in forests, space ships among asteroids, and anything else a simple first line or curve could become. Celtic mazes, geometric complexities, and anything else was fair game for my wandering pencil or pen! Often my friends would sit and watch during professor's lectures to see what appeared next. And I really did take excellent notes, too! I was an excellent student, but I'm afraid the grades of my friends suffered due to the distraction!


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