Friday, 24 February 2017

Tomorrow’s Anecdote - reborn

The reinvention continues.

To coincide with Storm Doris, I’m happy to be re-releasing Tomorrow’s Anecdote – this time under a new author's ID. Henceforth, all my historical fiction will be under the name of A. J. Monkton.

I’ll be keeping my actual name for fantasy books and short stories, plus any random journalism that comes my way.

In an eerie loop of circumstance, the story is about the Great Storm of 1987 and how it wreaked havoc on a provincial journalist, upturning her assumptions of the past and changing the present.

It was odd this morning, seeing all the images of fallen trees and debris that haunted me at the time, so much so that the event inspired the book.

Check out the Tomorrow's Anecdote website for more information and some 1980s nostalgia.

Is it autobiographical? No, no, no. Of course not.

Here’s the new cover and blurb ...

Just another day in the newsroom? Hardly.

It is October 1987.

Clare Forester is an overworked and under-appreciated features sub on a provincial paper in Somerset, cheerfully ranting about her teenage daughter, her spiteful mother, her reclusive lodger, the Thatcher government, new technology, grubby journalists, petty union officials, her charming ex – and just about anything that crosses her path.

If things aren’t tempestuous enough, on Thursday, October 15, the Great Storm sweeps across Britain, cutting a swathe of destruction across the southern counties. At the office, Clare is pushed to breaking point by pushy bosses and inept colleagues, and loses her temper with gale-force fury. She is suspended from work and finds herself in therapy for stress, while her union embarks on strike action. Worse is to come.

Black Monday follows and the markets crash. But it's not just the future that's giving Clare grief.

Dark family secrets come back to haunt her. One thing she learns ... Never trust the past.


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