Monday, 20 March 2017

Vernal Equinox

I am a creature of the seasons.

I used to think the four quarters of the year were all about temperature, but it’s much subtler than that.

The turn of the planet is crucial. Spring to summer to autumn to winter. A natural order of events. Until chaos intervenes.

Recently, my personal life has been chaotic and this is reflected in the stories. But that’s how we process difficulties, disorder and dissidence.

Seasonal Disorders is my take on a personal calendrical chaos. Four long/short stories (mini novellas), written at pivotal moments in my recent life, which has been so different from what it was that I scarcely recognise it.

Now I'm doing better, in case you were worried. Updates ensue.

Mad fairies, evil spirits, sinister coincidences, ancient beings, coincidental aliens ... Well. No madder than my than current existence. Bring it on, as they say.

AJ Monkton is my pseudonym for the darker side.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Back to Bath

Whoever said ‘never look back’ clearly never lived in Bath.

We moved to the city in the late 1980s when my husband got his first ‘proper job’ at the university.
For the first few months, we stayed in a flat up at Norwood while house-hunting, and within a few months found ourselves a super mid-terraced Victorian two-and-a-half-bedroom house near Larkhall which we loved to bits.

I began shifts on the local newspaper, the Bath Chronicle, and off we went. Broke, of course, given that interest rates were 15%!

Time went by. We got a lovely dog, Amber, then our daughter Lauren was born. Work took us elsewhere in the mid-1990s but we secretly hankered for Bath life.

And a misguided early retirement brought us back, by way of Scotland. (Long story for another occasion.) Anyway! We’re here!

This time, we’re staying in a flat near Laura Place while house-hunting. Rob is back at the uni and today, I heard I have some shifts at the Chron. Slightly bonkers, but we don’t care. We are relishing our reinvention. And yes, we're looking at property in Larkhall - hoping to get ourselves a rescue dog as soon as possible.

Of course, Bath has changed somewhat – and so have we – but it’s still the greatest little city I know.