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Equinox is the finale to the seasonal quartet - a Cold War thriller with an enigmatic twist ... Russian paranoia and mystic moons to mark the autumn equinox.

A Walk in the Park is part one of a seasonal quartet with a supernatural theme. Free on Smashwords. Part two, Last Spring marked the vernal equinox. Midsummer Glen was part three ...

For fans of YA fantasy fiction ... True Haven is a Regency-inspired adventure, introducing Miss Claramina Dart. Out on Crooked Cat.


Cloud Pearl is book one of Legends of Liria,
a fantasy adventure.

Two young questers must unlock the secrets of ancient legends to save their crumbling homeland from a dark dynasty. 


Ice Trekker is a tween/teen fantasy set in the wilds of Krønagar. 

Monsters. Myths. Mayhem. Whatever else does icy Krønagar have in store for young Midge and the crew? 


Half Life is a 'film noir' romantic thriller 
set in 1930s Norway. 

Autumn 1936. The Nazis are mobilising.
In pre-WWII Norway, elite scientists risk bullets and bombs
in a desperate race to unlock the secrets of the atom.


Dark Interlude is a post-WWI romantic adventure on MuseItUp. It's a romantic post-WWI mystery adventure, set in Scotland when revolution was in the air.

A strange death ~
A deadly mission ~
A city on the brink ~
Who says the war is over?

To accompany the launch, I put together a small e-travelogue, featuring Glasgow itself. Such a fascinating history, and an architectural gem.

And here's me reading an extract from Chapter One
- my first foray on screen. 

And this is the video of the cocktail of the book.  
Dark Interlude Cocktail #1.


For those of you with a penchant for quirky little retro British mystery (with a clutch of five-star reviews), there's Tomorrow's Anecdote. Thatcher, Michael Fish, a storm and Black Monday. 

Just another day in the newsroom? Hardly.

Much in the same vein is a short story, The Deed Box. Inspired by a family drama, that's all I'm saying. 
Hell, it was a long time ago. Free on SmashWords.

 In the 1970s, my father wrote a Cold War thriller. 
I edited the manuscript and Now With A Whimper is now out, thanks to Crooked Cat.

In December 2013, I celebrated The Year of Writing Dangerously.

By Pamela Kelt


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