Midsummer Glen - the final chapter

Midsummer Glen Chapter 3 by Pam Kelt A supernatural adventure Part three of a seasonal quartet *** ‘Watch out.’ Fiona’s voice sounded from the other side of the wall. He scrambled over and jumped to the ground. Something caught him in the back of the knee and he fell flat. Fiona lay on her side in the centre of the stone circle, a few yards away, hog-tied and helpless. She sounded angry but tired. ‘Actually, I wouldn’t bother with him, Polly,’ she continued with some bravado. ‘If that is your real name. He’s just a hedge-cutter. Bit of tramp. Sleeping rough, for all I know. He’s nobody.’ ‘Be quiet.’ In the glow of a torch, he saw Polly kick Fiona’s feet. Alistair tried to push himself upwards but the sole of a boot ground into the middle of his back. He struggled, but Charles spoke. ‘We’ve had enough of you and your little friend.’ He removed his belt and secured Alistair’s wrists behind his back. ‘All we had to do was follow her and now here you are. Excellent. So easy. Just as it

Midsummer Glen - chapter 2

Continuing the supernatural mystery ... Midsummer Glen Chapter 2 by Pam Kelt A supernatural adventure Part three of a seasonal quartet *** ‘Do get up, Alistair!’ ‘Aw, Petie. Just five more minutes.’ He tried to turn over in his bed but it was rock hard. Confused, he reached for his pillow, but his fingers touched on a cold, dank surface. Pain pulsed between his temples, draining his strength. So much for getting rid of that headache, he thought. Worse than ever. Stay in bed today. ‘No, no, Ali. Time for school. Mam’ll be mad if you don’t shake a leg.’ He sighed. ‘All right.’ Wincing, he managed to sit up. Lord, he ached all over and his clothes were sodden. He forced himself to open his eyes. Confused, he gazed at the quiet wood above, leaves shimmering in the suffused early light of morning. A few yards away lay the shattered pieces of the branch in a dislocated trail of bark. A blue flash flared in his brain and his thoughts whirled. The tall trees reminded him of a strange dream

Midsummer Glen - a dark tale for a summer's night - chapter 1

Midsummer Glen is a supernatural tale to mark the Summer Solstice. This year it falls on June 21 at 10.13 precisely. Step back in time to the summer of 1939, when a young man uncovers dark secrets on a summer night. Chapter 1 by Pam Kelt A supernatural adventure Part three of a seasonal quartet     The first few days were hellish. His hands blistered and his back ached as if a lorry had ridden over him. But he persevered. It was in his nature. ‘Alistair McCompton,’ his mother would say when he practised kicking a ball against the garage door or rearranged his rock collection. ‘Don’t you ever give up?’ He rarely did. Tenacity was simply his nature. It was the same now. Every evening, after nearly twelve hours of cutting the hedgerows, he’d take a modest supper at the local pub, then crawl into his tent, wrap the scythe in an oil cloth and sleep like the dead. It was honest work and the pay was fair. The laird wanted the estate verges tidied, without the expense of extra men and machiner