Tomorrow’s Anecdote

This was my first literary concoction, to celebrate my first release, retro mystery Tomorrow's Anecdote on Crooked Cat.

When the paperback arrived from Amazon, I felt the need to celebrate.

The book is semi-autobiographical, based on my heady days in the newsroom during the turbulent Thatcher years. Gin and lime helped - as it does the heroine in the book.

If I were feeling fancy, I’d suggest that Tomorrow’s Anecdote itself is a quirky blend of literary elements.

Part mystery, part thriller, part family saga, part romance.

So, I decided to come up with a Tomorrow’s Anecdote cocktail based on the protagonist’s penchant for a cheeky little gin and lime. So, in an online exclusive, here’s the totally original recipe that we came up with, amid much merriment.

Half measure each of: gin, dry white vermouth, sweet red vermouth, lime cordial, apricot brandy.

To make:
Use equal parts of all liquors. Shake over lots and lots of ice (three or four per person). Strain and serve.

If you hold it up to the light, it matches the pinkish hue on the cover of the book.

NB If it pains to you make cocktails with apricot brandy, which is rather expensive, it’s easy to make your own.

Recipe coming soon ...


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