Chilling thriller

In case you prefer a paperback ...

Authentic Cold War thriller - Not With A Whimper by my late father, Peter A. W. Kelt. Get the paperback from Amazon for just £1.76. Icy and prophetic. Even Tom Hiddleston isn't this cool. 

Spain in the early 1970s is a strange place. 
Franco isn’t quite dead, but decades of a Fascist dictatorship taken their toll. While the locals fret about the future, greedy developers circle like vultures. 
Then a British agent dies in a shooting ‘accident’ and Alan Christian is sent to investigate. He arrives in Rota, southern Spain, and site of the US Navy nuclear submarine base. He asks around.
What happened to the agent? What did he know? Why do witnesses keep dropping like flies?
Soon, the neighbourhood Guardia Civil is taking an interest. He trusts them as much as the driver of a carload of heroin.
He needs a drink.
Then the shooting starts – and he’s the target. Someone wants him dead. Correction. Lots of people want him dead. But who’s behind it? Not just one person. It’s more like a silent tide of evil.
What can one man do?
Well. One man and his gun.
Not With a Whimper.
The Cold War just turned hot.


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