Republish ... and be liberated

It’s a tricky thing.

I wrote this book some time ago called Dark Interlude, a post -WW1 romantic adventure, and got a publishing contract. It came out in 2013, then somehow it perished halfway between a Canadian e-publisher and the UK audience. Lost at sea.

After some wrangling, I wrested back the contract. Hurrah. I owned the rights again. New cover. New PR. I could write the blurb I wanted, rather than the one foisted upon me.

All hail the new release.

But then ... where do you start? There's the blog, the website ... All manner of PR, including video trailers. But you need the URL of the book on Amazon. So which do you do first?

One is torn about timings. Get it online or update the blog. You can reformat the book and then put it online. Receive the link. Cool. By then, the blog is out of date. So, update the blog first. Trouble is, you don't have the latest link. So, you have to choose.

However you do this, it’s a mad boomerang between what you had then and what you do now.

Still, I console myself with the fact that I don’t have to run anything past anyone. Lord, those agonising emails.

I applaud self-publishing, even if it’s a bother. Meanwhile, I did redesign the new cover (wot I did meself) – the blog is ongoing and the purchase URL will follow in due course when I can link it all up.

Next task? Subdue the epub protocols at Smashwords. I'm now on first-name terms with the editorial staff already. Thanks, guys.

I don't have the book link yet, but here's the blog:


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