Back to Bath

This is the post I’ve been eager to write for months. 

It’s official. We’re moving back to Bath.

Rob has a new research/teaching post and starts this month, so we’ve found somewhere new to live (tba) and are working out the logistics.

It’ll be complicated but we’re so thrilled that it’ll be a pleasant challenge rather than a ghastly slog.

From the first afternoon we arrived many, many, many years ago on a bright June day before Rob’s first interview at the university, we both fell in love with the place. Despite tricky finances and a collapsing housing market, we bought a lovely little terraced house, got our first dog (the wonderful Amber), survived various professional crises and, most memorable of all, celebrated the birth of our daughter, Lauren.

Years went by ...

Work took us to Kenilworth, and beyond, but now ... we’re back. Back to Bath. 

It has a wonderful sound. And since we’ve been here, the weather has been simply superb. Day after day of dazzling autumn sunshine, just as we enjoyed all those years ago when we first arrived and would trundle down to the Viaduct, a great little pub near the aqueduct and sit outside in the gorgeous sunshine. Some things have changed, but in many others, time seems to have stood still.

I’m taking so many pictures, my camera batteries keep running out – and I have three!

Today, I’ve contented myself with some simple shots of the surrounding countryside. Much more to come. Much, much more.

Happy sighs.

Now, where was I with that last manuscript?


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